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Lucy and Hazel are a Sheffield-based queer folk duo charming audiences with self penned folk laced with humour, harmonies and heartache. With influences drawn from a lifetime steeped in traditional English and European folk music, song and dance, Lucy Huzzard and Hazel Thompson combine a love of groove, soulful raw harmonies and passionate song writing to give you hope in these strange times. 


On melodeon, clarinet, guitar and two distinct and powerful voices, Lucy and Hazel’s set will take you on a journey through themes of land and climate justice, feminism, apocalypse, power and platonic love. With inspirations spanning from Joni Mitchell and Ivor Cutler, to stories of resistance to injustice, they are a powerful and entertaining folk duo on the scene. 


Lucy and Hazel are surely the queens of the new tribe of British folk emerging from the radical activist left. Folk music just got very exciting.

Sam Lee, singer

Poignant and witty, Lucy & Hazel will make you laugh and cry.

Absolutely brilliant!

Tamsin Elliott, musician (Solana)

It was a joy to have Lucy and Hazel perform at our venue. They delivered a really accomplished and engaging set to an enraptured audience.

Nick Hart, singer

We were blown away by their combination of incredible musicianship, tight harmonies, wry, funny and moving lyrics and quality bants! Flying Donkey Events

I’ve got ADHD and was able to sit down for their whole performance with my full attention. What a beautiful team and talented performers, hilarious as well!

Ollie Yates, clown and performer

Inventive songwriters and captivating performers

Johnny Campbell, folk musician

The gig recharged the grumpy, disillusioned activist in my soul

Audience member



Since their first gig supporting Rhiannon Scutt in 2021, they have been pouring the love into their partnership and have been regularly performing a set which combines both of their song writing, love for traditional music and passion for social commentary into one. 


During an Imbolc trip to Wales the pair began their first frolics into co-writing and are in the process of recording their debut album. Their second co-written original song ‘Ghost of an Icon’ was played on The Nest Collective’s ‘Singing with Nightingales, Homecoming Broadcast’ hosted by Sam Lee.


Lucy & Hazel have since performed at Tramlines Festival, Shambala Festival, LWA Skills Fair, Fire in the Mountain (Wales) and Floating Castle Festival (Slovenia), as well as playing multiple sold out shows in Sheffield/Bristol/Leeds and toured with the Three Acres and a Cow show.


They have performed alongside Hannah James (Lady Maisery) in a tour of Slovenia, supported some of the folk scenes biggest new talents; Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin, Tamsin Elliott (Solana), Brothers Gillespie

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All Videos

All Videos
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Lucy Huzzard and Hazel Thompson - Yonder Blue

Lucy Huzzard and Hazel Thompson - Yonder Blue

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Lucy Huzzard and Hazel Thompson - Blushing Boys - WILD SWIMMING

Lucy Huzzard and Hazel Thompson - Blushing Boys - WILD SWIMMING

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Ghost of an Icon - Lucy & Hazel  (composed for Nest Collective's Singing with Nightingales)

Ghost of an Icon - Lucy & Hazel (composed for Nest Collective's Singing with Nightingales)

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Yonder Blue - Lucy Huzzard and Hazel Thompson [Live at Cafe #9 Sheffield]

Yonder Blue - Lucy Huzzard and Hazel Thompson [Live at Cafe #9 Sheffield]

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About us

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With one foot on the dancefloor at all times, Lucy Huzzard brings the unique sound and groove of the melodeon to contemporary songwriting and an embodied sense of traditional music from a childhood in the folk scene. Growing up in Sheffield, followed by studies in both folk music and Swedish dance, she has crossed rapper swords and stoked ceilidhs with some of the finest folk musicians and dancers in the country and further afield. 

Hazel Thompson, from a little village in the East Midlands, wields the clarinet, bass clarinet, guitar and voice box to tend to their politically fuelled folk musings. With an upbringing steeped in Georgian polyphonic singing, music from the global majority and years of improvisation under their belt, Hazel brings rich harmonies, comedy and catchy melodies to the duo's repertoire. A spinner of many plates, Hazel is in Emergence Collective and has a solo project wolf peaches.

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